Running for Congress––Seriously!

You may have noticed that I’ve been posting less frequently than usual. I hate to use the “I’ve been busy” excuse––but it’s true!

I was nominated by the Libertarian Party to run for the 1st District congressional seat in Maine. I am honored and humbled––and I’m embracing this adventure enthusiastically.

I teach leadership. I write about leadership. I speak on leadership.

What better opportunity to learn about the full scope of political leadership than to serve?

I’ve been involved in politics for some time. I served as Chair of the Government Liaison Committee for two terms at the Southern Midcoast Chamber here in Maine. Later I worked on Matt Jacobson’s campaign for governor. I’ve stayed active as a constant student of issues and an outspoken critic of government waste and lack of character in elected office.

Jim with Austin Petersen 160515

With Austin Petersen, Libertarian presidential candidate at the Maine Libertarian Party State Convention.

As this adventure continues, I will be focusing on producing content to support the campaign. I will continue to post on leadership and on personal and professional Mastery––but these posts will be less frequent for the next few months.

I will also do my best to separate business and politics on LinkedIn. You enroll in our LinkedIn groups to focus on business leadership and Mastery––not to engage in political fights!

If my political posts speak directly to how politics affect business or leadership above and beyond the political fray, I’ll share them in the groups. As always, I welcome dissent––let’s just debate respectfully and rationally!

I will not campaign or solicit your support on LinkedIn, the THINK Like a BLACK BELT blog, or on THE SENSEI LEADER blog or podcast. I will post about my experiences during the campaign when I feel I can offer genuine on leadership free from partisan or divisive political opinions.

We don’t have to agree on everything to continue to learn and grow as leaders––together.

I do encourage to vote YOUR conscience and support the candidates that best serve YOUR interests and support YOUR values and principles…

Be involved. Participate. Vote.

Thank You for your understanding during this exciting and important journey! I’m already learning a great deal that will give me more to share no matter where this campaign takes me.


Best Thoughts!

If you are interested in my campaign or would like to get involved, please click the banner below… (The last political ad you’ll see on this blog!)

JimForME Palm Card Front


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