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Here’s what America’s leading personal development experts are saying about Think Like a Black Belt!

Now an Amazon bestseller!

Think Like a Black Belt: The Book!“When you hear the words Black Belt, you immediately think of other words like ‘as good as it gets’ and ‘the best.’  What does it take to actually be the best?  It takes a mindset – a way of thinking.  Jim, a real black belt himself, does a great job teaching you to be your best by obtaining the mindset that will propel you to excellence.  Read this book!”

Larry Winget
Television personality and 5 time New York Times/Wall Street Journal bestselling author
of Your Kids Are Your Own Fault and The Idiot Factor

THINK LIKE A BLACK BELT is a much needed roundhouse kick to laziness and complacency for those of us who need that spark to make our dreams come true. Jim understands masterfully the age old premise that you have to THINK your way to a better life…by turning thoughts into positive action. Don’t just sit there…do something! Like reading this book, for starters! THINK LIKE A BLACK BELT will change the way you view success and bring your goals closer than they have ever been. No matter where you are in life, this book will nudge you along to the next level. A better you is just a few thoughts away.”

Spencer Hughes
Host of FOX ACROSS AMERICA, Foxnewstalk on XM & SIRIUS

“…I’ve had thousands of experts on my show – Jim Bouchard stands out among the best. For top shelf advice, Think like a Black Belt offers easy-to-understand tips and it’s packed with invaluable ideas. Read this book, it will improve your bottom line personally and professionally.”

Kurt Schemers
Creator and host of  Traders Nation(tm)

“Martial arts for the mind. Success and failure exist in balance and Jim leads the reader down the path to self-definition.”

David Webb
Host of The Grinder Show, 970 am, New York and FOX News contributor

“What can I say about Jim Bouchard- a GREAT deal! He is the alpha professional with a quiet demeanor that makes you want to implement his ideas ASAP. This is a motivational speaker you want to book for your event ASAP. In addition, his new bookThink Like a Black Belt,is a must read!”

Dr. John Tantillo
“The Marketing Doctor” & FOX News Contributor

“Jim has hit the nail on the head by focusing on perfection, confidence and leadership. This is a must read for anyone looking for the next level of success and increasing the enjoyment of life. Just wonderful!”

Marsha Petrie Sue
Author of The Reactor Factor and Toxic People

Think Like a Black Belt silences the inner voice of self-doubt and provides you with the confidence, wisdom and tools to know that you can handle yourself in any situation. From corporate executive to professional athlete, if you’ve ever wanted to do more or to become more, this is the book that will help you realize your greatness.”

William R. Patterson
Best-selling Co-author of The Baron Son

Think Like a Black Belt has got to be one of the funniest, most motivating, clever and engaging books I’ve read in a long time! Jim’s philosophy and teachings are very, very powerful!  He is honest, witty, to the point, and uses examples from everyday life that will make you laugh and cry!  Filled with wisdom and practical advice, Think Like a Black Belt contains the components of how to be successful in every area of your life, and to change the things that have been holding you back. I loved every page of this book and couldn’t put it down.  Jim Bouchard has truly created an awe-inspiring gem for anyone in the pursuit of excellence.   Filled with both spiritual nuggets and simple to understand and implement, I am confident that you will love this book!”

Sally Shields
Speaker, radio personality, publicity specialist and
author of the #1 bestseller, The Daughter-in-Law Rules!

“Whether you’re in a state of bliss, recovery from anything, or despair, Think Like a Black Belt fits your times.  In Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell makes the point that talent is the will to practice.  Jim Bouchard’s wisdom sharpens this point and helps write its wisdom on every aspect of human life.  Frustrated perfectionists will draw immense relief from his pages.  Those who’ve given up on a passion — or anything — will as well. Think Like a Black Belt will cause you to act with courage, humility, and character you — and, likely, many around you — doubt you possess.  This work sets off a viral strength, written with a candor that rings with joy.  Oscar Wilde said “it’s good to be expected, yet not to arrive.”  Though it’s never good when we fail to arrive on shores of the true greatness of which we are capable — as individuals and larger communities.  Test me on this:  After reading Think Like a Black Belt, you will expect more of yourself.  You will rise above the low expectations too commonly thrown against us, especially in hard times.  It’s as though Jim Bouchard picked up and ran with the great theme of William Faulkner, who in his Nobel acceptance speech predicted that humankind will not merely survive, but will prevail. Thank you Jim for helping show the world the way to prevail, no matter the challenges before us.  Bravo on Think Like a Black Belt.”

“I completely recommend this book, especially to recovering addicts and their spouses and children, anyone who’s ever known the heartbreaks of destructive relationships, and all who desire to unleash the benevolent, world-changing force of our inner power!!”

Michael Cogdill
24-time Emmy winner/holder of the National Edward R. Murrow for Feature Reporting in television
Author of
She-Rain, a novel of extravagant love triangle in the American South

“I’m no black belt, but Jim Bouchard’s Think Like a Black Belt offers up no-nonsense lessons in personal and leadership discipline to succeed in today’s predatory and unforgiving economy. Bouchard’s unique approach to unleashing and channeling personal potential will challenge you to be your best at a time when only the best will do. Read it. Digest it. Use it. Think like a black belt and before you know it, you’ll be crushing the competition and achieving your dreams.”

Neil Ducoff
Author of No Compromise Leadership

“In a world in which avoiding responsibility and accountability has almost become the norm, Think Like a Black Belt is a refreshing wake up call. Jim Bouchard pulls no punches (no pun intended) and provides a roadmap for taking personal accountability for our own lives. Jim is the ‘real deal’ and has a unique ability to communicate a powerful message.”

Dennis Snow
Author of Lessons From the Mouse and Unleashing Excellence

“Jim Bouchard’s Think Like A Black Belt, is an fantastic motivational read. Think Like A Black Belt provides an incredible opportunity  for  its reader to enhance and enrich their personal and professional lives. Jim defines the important meanings of the 3 major areas of becoming a Black Belt Mindset Master: perfection, confidence and leadership. He guides the reader to connect with real life experiences as a way to self-reflect and gain a healthy perspective on achieving balance, harmony, wisdom and success by learning to focus on accomplishing any goal in life no matter how tough it gets, Think like A Black Belt and learn to live a productive life. A must read.”

Michelle Rossi
Screenwriter and author of All About Me;

“When you read Think Like a Black Belt, you’ll see quickly that Jim is the real deal. As a Master Instructor in the martial arts, he doesn’t pull any punches in translating the Black Belt Mindset to success in business and life. Jim is a master at demonstrating that it’s ‘simple, not easy’ to be a big success!”

George Krueger & Mary-Lynn Foster
Hosts & founders of BiggSuccess

“Power has been used and misused since the first humans walked the Earth.  Jim’s book shows the confidence and good works that come from a servant oriented, legitimate use of power.  Jim doesn’t just teach the reader how to increase one’s legitimate power, he really walks the talk.  He is a dear friend, wonderful author and a genuinely good guy.  Buy his book and learn to Think Like a Black Belt.”

Mark Altman
Actor, speaker & author of Leadership From All the Mountains You Climb

“Think Like a Black Belt is one of the most inspiring, practical, and easy-to-read and understand books I have ever had the pleasure of reading.  Page after page after page Jim Bouchard encourages us, motivates us, moves us and tasks us to step into our own greatness; to live in a constant state of self-perfection; to accept the challenge, pain, adversity and hardship that every one of us faces in our lives throughout our lives; and to find our courage, take personal responsibility, act on our own behalf; and create the life, the business life, family life and love life we want and deserve to have. Bouchard’s Black Belt Mindset includes the three universal elements of Perfection, Confidence and Leadership.  These three essential elements can be applied to any and every area of life!  Think Like a Black Belt is a must-read for anyone who is committed to develop more awareness about your natural abilities, passion, and personal skills and talents; and are determined to build or rebuild a life that affirms your best and most brilliant, passionate Self!”

Jackie Black, Ph.D.
Author of Couples & Money: Cracking the code to ending the #1 conflict in marriage.
“Often blunt, this book sometimes punches the reader in the face with the reality. At other times the author gently takes your hand and offers encouragement in a humorous, accessible “tough-love” format. If you’re looking for shortcuts, this book is not for you. If you’re ready to take control of your life and step into the ring with Black Belt Mindset you’ve found your “Sensei…Now go get this book and read it, we all can use a little kick in the butt sometimes!”
Book Him Dano
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