Two powerful themes…

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“When you hear the words Black Belt, you immediately think of other words like ‘as good as it gets’ and ‘the best.’  What does it take to actually be the best?  It takes a mindset – a way of thinking.  Jim, a real black belt himself, does a great job teaching you to be your best by obtaining the mindset that will propel you to excellence…”

Larry Winget
Television personality and 5 time New York Times/Wall Street Journal bestselling author
of Shut Up, Stop Whining and Get a Life, Your Kids Are Your Own Fault and The Idiot Factor

THINK LIKE A BLACK BELT is a much needed roundhouse kick to laziness and complacency for those of us who need that spark to make our dreams come true. Jim understands masterfully the age old premise that you have to THINK your way to a better life…by turning thoughts into positive action. Don’t just sit there…do something!
Spencer Hughes
Host of FOX ACROSS AMERICA, Foxnewstalk on XM & SIRIUS

“Thank you Jim for an outstanding presentation to the CEO Club of Boston! One of our long time Members said it was the best presentation he has ever seen at the CEO Club! That says it all!”

Fred Green
President & Founder, CEO Club of Boston

“What can I say about Jim Bouchard- a GREAT deal! He is the alpha professional with a quiet demeanor that makes you want to implement his ideas ASAP. This is a motivational speaker you want to book for your event ASAP. In addition, his new book Think Like a Black Belt, is a must read!”

Dr. John Tantillo
“America’s Marketing Doctor” & FOX News branding & marketing expert; author of People Buy Brands, Not Companies
Host of BrandTalk Radio Show 



  1. I really want to take note of this particular blog,
    “Think Like A Black Belt: The Blog!” on my
    own page. Would you mind if perhaps I actuallydo it? Thx ,Doreen

    • Doreen, Our policy is that you can quote, share or even duplicate all or part of any of our original posts. All we ask is that you credit the author of that piece and provide a link-back to the original post and that you send us a link to your posting. We do reserve all rights including print publication, other use or monetary exploitation of our material.

      Best Thoughts!

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